Paul Ruderman

The Top 9 Reasons Not To Use UpdateZen


1.  You enjoy waking up in the morning and seeing 67 unread emails… from your own team!

2.  You prefer long-winded updates from your people, rather than concise, focused updates including only what you need to know.

3.  You can’t wait ’til Friday because then you’ll get to write your scintillating weekly status report. Joy!

4.  You can’t wait ’til Friday because then you’ll get to read your team’s scintillating weekly status reports. Joy again!

5.  You enjoy being updated by your people via every format imaginable: email, text, IM, weekly report, status spreadsheet, shared docs, phone calls, video calls, scheduled meetings, impromptu meetings, and on and on.

6.  You love being CC’d on emails that you have no business being CC’d on.

7.  You live for Janice’s 2-page, single-spaced emails updating you on why this and that didn’t get done.

8.  You look forward to the weekly meeting with your [boss / direct report] when you can review line-by-line every single thing that happened that week.

9.  You’re convinced that important things cannot possibly be said in only 250 characters.


Ok, nevermind. There really are no good reasons not to use UpdateZen. If you manage people yourself, or if you report to a manager, or both, UpdateZen simplifies status updating for everyone.



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