Manage Your Employees More Efficiently

To keep your finger on the pulse of everything important your people are working on, it's important to reduce the amount of non-critical information being sent your way, while accentuating what's important.

UpdateZen caps updates at 250 characters so you see only what's absolutely essential. And everyone's updates are consolidated and presented in one easy place.

One place to go

Your team, its projects and deadlines are in one place,
so you don’t need to waste time finding where
things stand.

Keeps you up to date

Updates are gathered from your team and served up to let you know where everything stands and are acknowledged with just one click.

Easy for your team

Updates are limited to 250 characters, to keep
them short and sweet. All priorities are in their
hands, with alerts when its time for an update.

Simple export for sharing

All the updates across your team can be exported to an
Excel file, for easy sharing with other areas of your