Our Mission

We started UpdateZen with one goal in mind: helping teams eliminate the chaos of information overload so they can be more productive.Executives and managers are constantly flooded with communications and updates from their teams. It’s become increasingly difficult to filter out the noise, making it a challenge to be highly efficient. So, most teams resign themselves to the fact that they must partake in hundreds of emails a day, and even worse, the dreaded weekly status report.However, unlimited internal team email is highly inefficient and a true waste of everyone’s time. And with regard to weekly status reports… team members dread writing them, and team leaders dread reading them.We built UpdateZen to rethink the way team members update and report to their managers. It’s the simplest reporting app ever created. It’s our mission to bring a sense of calm and clarity to your daily work life. By doing so, we hope to improve your productivity, free up your time, and put a smile on your face.



Our Team

We started UpdateZen in the beautiful, energetic NYC outpost of Montclair, NJ. Our core team has a lot in common: we are passionate about solving big, real-world problems, we’re obsessed with finding efficient ways for teams to communicate, and we all love design and technology.Fueled by coffee (we love our AeroPress), veggies (Paul’s a vegetarian), and beef jerky (the rest of us aren’t) we love getting into hours long constructive arguments about the best way to eliminate your status update & reporting pain.


Joreda Topi

Co-Founder & CEO

Joreda Topi is an experienced, product-centric entrepreneur and executive, who has worked extensively with small and medium-sized organizations to find great efficiencies in their internal communications and workflows.

Prior to UpdateZen, she co-founded the Research & Development consulting firm, InoVision Group, where she helped dozens of companies navigate the technology landscape to find and implement customized solutions specific to their needs.

Before that, Joreda was Director of Sales and Marketing for SkyDoc Technologies, a start-up telemedicine company which sold into Fortune 500 companies.

With UpdateZen, Joreda is bringing her extensive experience together with a highly innovative solution with the goal of transforming the way small and large companies communicate and share critical information. Joreda plans to scale the solution both across the enterprise and globally.

Paul Ruderman

Co-Founder, Board Member

This is Paul’s second startup. He co-founded LiveProcess in 2005, and spent 8 years building the company into the leading emergency management software solution for the healthcare industry. A Tufts Jumbo, Paul spent years as a professional musician before devoting himself to technology and startups. Paul lives for his 3 mile runs, his dogs and cats, reading everything interesting he can get his hands on, and helping his twin boys reach their dream of starting for Duke’s backcourt in about ten years. He writes about startups and life on his personal blog at medium.com/@paulruderman.

Stefan Henze

VP Software Development

Stefan brings 10 years of experience in very different software engineering environments – from large enterprises (Capgemini and Two Sigma) to small startups in Germany, Los Angeles and New York. He has worked as a software architect and project manager on a wide range of projects involving mobile apps, web clients, and many different backend and database technologies. Stefan has great passion for applying his deep knowledge of architecture and his love of coding to solving hard problems. He is a life hacker who is determined to use technology to make his and his family’s life full of wonders every day.

Emmett Phan

Director, User Experience

Emmett Phan approaches design with depth and presents it with simplicity. He’s designed for Google, the United Nations and UCLA spinoff Tribogenics. His work for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees enabled effortless user experiences across complex inter-dependent applications for the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and Medicins sans Frontieres.When he’s taking a break from design, Emmett composes experimental symphonies and studies the connections between sound and images.

Stephen Gowen

Lead Android Developer

Stephen is a software architect that specializes in Desktop and Mobile applications. He has been coding ever since he was a child. He has played a key role in developing enterprise applications in the medical, finance, science, big data, and entertainment industries for companies based out of San Francisco, Boston, New York, and Atlanta. He’s also an avid mobile game developer. He is very passionate about software development and is always anxious to learn new technologies and apply his skills in different contexts.

Victoria Scanga

Community Development Manager

Victoria is a proud Penn Stater with a love for digital marketing. With a background in performing arts, Victoria has created digital marketing strategies for the former Dance New Amsterdam as well as dance studios and artists in New York and New Jersey. She will receive her MBA from Rutgers University in October 2014. When Victoria isn’t scouring the interwebs for a new idea, she can be found teaching the baby ballerinas and teen dancing divas of the world how to pirouette and grand jeté like a pro.


Director, Happiness

Bodhi enables the team to maintain a minimum baseline of happiness. She maintains an aura of positive energy and hair, all while trying to greet everyone with an almost-English-but-mostly-raptor-like voice. Additionally, she forces Paul to go outside on regular walks in between her long naps. Outside of her duties at UpdateZen, Bodhi enjoys chewing on bully sticks and aggressively soliciting belly rubs.