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UpdateZen provides CEOs, Executives and Managers the simplest way to stay updated on everything important their people are working on.
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"I love the tool and it has made updates with my team so easy…and I absolutely LOVE the Export to Excel functionality!!"

Jen Fancher, Director of Marketing
Green Giant (TM) Fresh

"I love the product and have been using it every day. Simple, easy to use, and fits my personal management style… Avoid meetings unless absolutely necessary."

Louis Holder, CEO
Innovaci, Inc.

"If you are constantly looking for a way to make status reporting easier and more streamlined, UpdateZen may be the perfect solution."


What is UpdateZen?


Manage Your People More Efficiently

To keep your finger on the pulse of everything important your people are working on, it's important to reduce the amount of non-critical information being sent your way, while accentuating what's important.

UpdateZen caps updates at 250 characters so you see only what's absolutely essential. And everyone's updates are consolidated and presented in one easy place.

Simplify Updates

We provide your people a simple interface to write updates and document the status of their projects. No more wordy emails and lengthy documents about what didn't happen. Just short updates about what did.

Status Reporting Made Simple

We aren’t a team collaboration tool or complex project management platform. We're far simpler. You can assign projects to your people, but UpdateZen's magic is in keeping you effortlessly updated on everything important they're working on.

Quick & Clear Visibility

With UpdateZen, easily skim through each team member's projects or view only projects with new updates. No more digging through emails, IMs, text messages and shared documents to find what you’re looking for. It's all in UpdateZen.

Stop Chasing Down Your People (for status updates)

You ask a team member to work on something, but never hear back. After multiple requests, you finally get a response and get caught in a never-ending e-mail thread. With UpdateZen, you'll never have to chase down an update again. The latest status on every assignment is always right there.

Acknowledge Updates With One Tap

Easily receive and acknowledge updates, enabling your team to keep things moving forward.

Teach Your Team the Art of Brevity

Updates from your people - on anything - in 250 characters or less. Focus only on what’s important. Sometimes less really is more.

Generate Instant Status Reports In Excel

Don't wait for Friday for your weekly status report. Generate an Excel file that contains all projects your team members are working on, with the latest updates... any time!

Multi-Person Visibility

A team member's updates can be seen by multiple team leads: The CEO, VPs, executives, managers, colleagues or really anyone who needs regular visibility into a specific team member's updates. How does it work?

Receive Clear Immediate Feedback

Team members will know exactly when their update has been read, so they can keep things moving forward. Feedback is concise and instant, so everyone's always on the same page.

Zen and the Art of Updates

Send and receive updates from anywhere. A beautiful, simple interface available on the web and iPhone.

"I love the idea of this app and love the execution. It's really handy. Sure I can do it with txt, or email, or in Basecamp, or Evernote, but this is easier and more friendly to the team."

Matt Heltsley, Network Services Manager

"UpdateZen's dashboard app saves me from heavy preparation for my weekly executive meeting. I simply take the updates in the app and walk my colleagues through it. Simple, easy UI."

Chris Howard, VP Sales & Marketing
Zeus Scientific

“Really love your app. Great simplicity. Great UI. Great concept.”

Craig Jarrow, Author of Time Management Ninja

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