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Teach your team the art of brevity.

With UpdateZen you will always have at your fingertips the latest status on everything important your people are working on. Updates from team members are capped at 250 characters so that you see only what's essential, nothing more. Cut down on internal emails, increase your productivity, and put a smile on your team members' faces. Available on iPhone, Android and the web.

Key Benefits:

  • Consolidated Reports. Everyone's updates are easily accessed in one simple place.

  • Brief Updates. All updates are capped at 250 characters to include only what is absolutely essential.

  • Simple Pricing. Only team leads subscribe/pay. Add an unlimited number of team members at no extra cost.

  • Flexibility. Add multiple team members to a single project. Any of them can update the status at any time.

  • Extensible Reporting. With one tap, generate an Excel report listing all projects with the latest status on each.

  • Fewer Emails. Cut time spent on email - you won't have to search your inbox for updates.

Over 4,000 companies use UpdateZen to simplify status reporting...


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