Simple status updates from the people you manage

Stop digging through emails, text messages, shared documents, and weekly status reports to find the latest status of what your people are working on. UpdateZen provides clear, concise updates... in one easy place.

Free 30 day trial. No credit card required.

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Free 30 day trial.
No credit card required.

"Using it and in love. Seriously amazing."

Karen Cahn, Founder/CEO; former AOL/YouTube/Google Executive

"Quick and intuitive to get started."

Dan Kelly, VP Software Development

Rethink the way you manage your team

Maintain visibility into everything important your people are working on with concise, 250 character updates, consolidated and presented in one simple interface.

Fewer messages = more time + less stress

Eliminate the dreaded weekly status report. No more wordy emails or lengthy documents about what didn’t happen. Quickly and easily see only what’s essential, so you can start getting your time back.

A one-to-one, high level status updating solution

We aren’t a team collaboration tool or task management platform. You’re too busy to get involved in those systems. UpdateZen gives you high level updates from your direct reports so you always know what’s up -- and that’s it.

Stop chasing down your team members for status updates

You ask a team member to work on something, but never get an update. After multiple requests, you finally get a response and get caught in a never-ending e-mail thread. With UpdateZen, you'll never have to chase down an update again. The latest status on every assignment is always right there.

Get rid of information overload

Drastically reduce work email. With UpdateZen, easily see projects assigned to each team member, or view only projects that have unread updates. Stop digging through your emails, IMs, text messages and shared documents to find what you’re looking for. With only a few clicks (or swipes) you’ll know exactly what’s going on.

Assign projects and acknowledge updates with one tap

Easily assign projects, and receive and acknowledge updates, enabling your team to keep things moving forward.

Teach your team the art of brevity

Project updates in 250 characters or less. Focus only on what’s important. Sometimes less is more.

Receive clear immediate feedback

Team members will know exactly when their update has been read, so they can keep things moving forward. Feedback is concise and instant, so you are always on the same page.

Zen and the art of updates

Send and receive updates from anywhere. A beautiful, simple interface available on iPhone and the web.

"The easy-to-use, intuitive interface of UpdateZen saves me from countless status meetings and emails."

Michael Neyer, Product Manager
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"@UpdateZen is taking cumbersome company updates and making them simple on a beautiful platform #nj #technology"

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"Tremendous accomplishment. I continue to use it with my team."

Jay Cohen, General Manager
Wargaming America

Free 30 day trial. No credit card required.

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